Friday, November 13, 2009

Travel Tips: Holiday Travel Tips

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Hi everyone!

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The holidays are coming up, and usually most people plan on taking vacations to different parts of the country and abroad. Here are some tips for a more enjoyable vacation:

1. Check the weather
Traveling to different continents most probably involves changing weather and a different packing list. Be sure to check online through weather websites whether you need to pack a light jacket, an umbrella or a heavy coat. It's better to be highly prepared than to go out of budget shopping for things you already have.

2. If possible, buy your tickets and accommodations 3 -4 months before your target date
Most airlines offer discounted air tickets during different times of the year. Booking early with your travel agent will ensure that you get these seats. remember: all discounted tickets are FIRST COME. FIRST SERVED.

3. Write down all the activities and places you want to go to.
Having a plan prior to arrival enables you to save precious time when you want to go sightseeing

4. Read up on info about your travel destination
This comes in handy when you're walking around, you'll be able to absorb the feel of the place once you know a little info about it's history etc.

5. Pack light
Pick clothes. Return half to your closet. Tada! you now have all the clothes you need!
Also, bring medicines, chargers, universal adaptors, pocket money, 2 shoes and flipflops.

Happy Travels!

Summit Travels International Team


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